1) Mobile Rockbreaker / Scalers
2) Stationary Rockbreakers
3) Utility Vehicles
4) Maintenance Vehicles
5) Impact Hammer spares and repairs
6) General Hydraulic Repairs


We are all aware that South African conditions in terms of environment, operator skill, maintenance skill and facilities are vastly different to other parts of the world. This requires a different design approach with the aim of producing simple robust machines that are to a great extend stronger than would be deemed necessary overseas. From a servicing point of view, we design machines so they are easy to service and repair. There are
no hidden components that are difficult to get to. Interchangeability of parts and components are also shared by various units in the range. Knowledge of local mining conditions has given us an edge in this field because we can talk on a practical level to the miner and thereby satisfy his specific needs. When designing our equipment we use all these philosophies to deliver machinery that has been proven to be highly efficient, cost effective and reliable.

The KAROCK series covers most applications of rock breaking and to this end we have two main forms in which equipment is offered: The Stationary Rock Breaker and Mobile Breaker / Scaler.

These units can be fitted on underground tip layouts as well as rotary, jaw crushers or ladle cleaners at smelters.